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sfeerfoto productcare van Catwalk Original Amsterdam

Catwalk Original uses vegetable tanned leather from Ecopell in Germany.

All cattle skin which are processed into Ecopell leather come from local farms in Germany, where the animals have the opportunity to graze with balanced fresh food and exercise resulting in a better internal skin structure.

Ecopell attaches great importance to low emissions, allergy-friendly domestic production and compliance with social standards.


Catwalk Original uses Rodeo Plus leather for its products, a chrome-free and vegetable tanned leather.

The surface of this leather is matte, which gives it a sturdy appearance. This is achieved by sanding the leather surface and treating it with fats and oils.


This treatment gives the skin a certain surface appearance of dark and lighter parts. This leather also shows traces of a whole cow's life, this naturalness of the skin should not be hidden or sealed with plastics. That individuality is a sign of quality and gives each product a real uniqueness.


Ecopell's philosophy is fully in line with Catwalk Original.


Care instructions

Take good care of your Catwalk Original product and it will last a lifetime

 Here you will find some useful tips:

  • Be careful with light-colored clothing; dark leather can stain at first.

  • Direct sunlight or heavy rain can discolour the product.

  • Never store the product in plastic.

  • Take good care of it and treat it regularly (once or twice a year) with a protective product against dirt and moisture. Do not use chemical cleaning agents.

  • Before using/carrying the bag, we recommend treating it first with "Royal furniture" maintenance for brushed leather.

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